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      King Surveying Services Banner

      About King Surveying Services

      KING Surveying Services is a UK based firm and currently employs a number of full-time QSs working out of a single office in Essex. The firm has worked on projects across in London, Cambridge, and Chelmsford to name a few. Over £10M of construction work per annum is handled by the business, and over 500 thousand m2 of facilities are advised on or managed, overseeing more than 50 sub-contractors on behalf of our Clients on a yearly basis.

      We have personnel from a range of both academic and vocational backgrounds offering a wide range of skills & experience.

      The challenges faced by our clients particularly in the current economic climate will not be met through the provision of traditional professional services alone. We ensure that the specific needs of our clients are both established and their full impact is understood, at the outset of a project. We recognise that cash is King.

      We see our employees as assets and we invest in their ever improved and widen capabilities through structured training/mentoring, leading to full membership of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and/or the Chartered Institute of Building. We promote self-development and regularly review performance, rewarding through both remuneration and benefits for high performance & achievement.

      Our Key Skills:

      • Utilising comprehensive sector based knowledge and the current IT systems and productivity tools.
      • Resource effectively, providing the right skills for the necessary period of time.
      • Consistent delivery of our services

      We specialise in:

      • Cost consulting/commercial management of m&e service across all business infrastructures.
      • Providing experienced personnel who enable and manage the delivery of projects and facilities.
      • Variation management & pricing, full m&e design change/drawing revision costing.

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