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      King Surveying Services Banner

      A brief history

      KING Surveying Services Ltd was established in 1998, initially trading under the name of Ian King Management Ltd. We offer a full range of commercial & management services to meet the needs of busy branch offices or site office environments. We primarily provide quantity surveying and commercial management services, specialising but not limited to the mechanical & electrical services sector. Our professionalism and reputation precedes us having played a part in over 30 something successful contracts, both financially and programme wise. We aim to continually offer better value results to our clients through continuing our long-term success.


      Breaking News

      In an exciting new development, in September 2020 we are looking to take on 2 Apprentice Quantity Surveyors, you can apply for the role by submitting your CV and a covering note explaining why you believe you are suitable for the post to: info@kingsurveyingservices.com This scheme is in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin University where the successful apprentices will gain a BA hons degree in Quantity Surveying and you’ll also be able to register with RICS.

      Current Projects

      Canada Water Library

      Gatwick Airport, North West Zone

      Olympic Park, District heating & power.


      Project Portfolio

      Olympic Park
      Civil Excavation and pipe installation of the 76km trenches... [see more here]
      Middlesex University - specifically engaged to organise, value and update ... [see more here]
      Canada Water Library
      co-ordinate commercially the installation of internal services at Canada Water Library... [see more here]
      Gatwick Airport
      KING Surveying Services carry out all the commercial and contractual dealings for the wide ... [see more here]
      National Audit Office
      The National Audit Office, Victoria. A £21.5m refurbishment project... [see more here]
      200 Aldersgate - A strip out and core, followed by a 17 floor re-fit... [see more here]
      Westfield Shopping Centre
      Working in the largest shopping centre in Europe on Ductwork, Lighting and small power... [see more here]
      Addensbrooke Hospital
      The Addensbrooke Hospital PFI, Cambridge. A £26m project... [see more here]
      Greenwich Maritime Museum - Time & Space - the high profile planetarium and educational facility situated in Greenwich Park... [see more here]
      O2 Waterfront
      Measurement and valuing of variations on the project... [see more here]

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