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      King Surveying Services Banner


      At KING Surveying Services we work for a variety of clients in all sectors of the construction and engineering industry including:
      • Health and Education
      • Energy and Power
      • Commercial and Banking
      • Industrial and Pharmaceutical
      • Retail and Leisure
      • Telecommunications and Data
      • Transportation and Travel
      Specialising in the many aspects of Mechanical and Electrical installations, including:
      • HV & LV Electrical Installations
      • Mechanical Piped systems including Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration
      • Ventilation
      • Fire Alarm, Security, CCTV, Access Control Systems, BMS
      • Telecoms and Data
      • Specialist piped systems including Sprinklers and Medical gases
      • Lightning Protection
      • Lifts and Escalators
      • Rainwater and Drainage Systems
      • Lighting and Lighting Control


      leisure centre


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